New Cordyline 2016
Burning Desire
Glowing Star
Black Pride
Mini Rainbow
Lavender Queen
Dream Purple
Island Goddess
Dream Green
Island of Fire
Mata Hari
Monet's Love child
Sky walker
Purple Swan
Cordyline terminalis 'Glowing Star'
NEW!, full sun to bright light, bright fuchsia, hardy, tulip shape mini to medium size
Cordyline terminalis 'Lavender Queen'
NEW!.tall growing thin leaves of purple coloration, full sun to bright light,a real stunner
Cordyline terminalis 'Black Pride'
NEW!, large black leaves of distinct formation on stem, bright light to shade, stunning display
Cordyline terminalis 'Dream Purple'
NEW!, Very beautiful good saturated purple thin leaves of good length, full sun to bright light, slower grower
Cordyline terminalis 'Flame'
NEW!, very bright fuchsia top leaves that turn green towards bottom, full sun to shade, medium size foliage, great grower, great landscaper
Cordyline terminalis 'Dream Green'
NEW!, our newest green, very compactMini with slight lighter color on top, very full and keeps lot of leaves on stem, charming
Cordyline terminalis 'Island Goddess'
Mini ti leaf, compact with lots of leaves, NEW, full sun
Cordyline terminalis 'Island of Fire'
very easy to grow,medium size , bright light
Cordyline terminalis'Mata HAri'
NEW!, spectacular new tall growing Ti, top leaves are purple and then turning blackish purple, very different, the color is truly amazing, full sun to shade
Cordyline terminalis 'Skywalker'
NEW!, WOW, very distinct Ti leaf, green color on top and underside is black, the single leaf resembles a calla lily flower in the shape, a true art piece in any garden setting, by far our favorite seedling ever. Amazing plant!!!
Cordyline terminalis 'Monet'
NEW!, one of the best ones of 2013 seedlings, wide green and purple leaves, every leaf different from the other, full sun to bright light, a real show stopper
Cordyline terminalis' Monet;s Love child'
NEW!, WOW , full sun to bright light, Mini Ti with dark purple leaves , compact and thick, the best Mini we have!!!
Cordyline terminalis 'Purple Swan'
NEW!, very elegant and charming thin leaf purple Ti, bright light to shade are best
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Cordyline terminalis 'Thor'
NEW!, bold wide leaves of dark black color with metallic green accents, very different and amazing, full sun to shade
Cordyline terminalis 'Spartacus'
NEW!, beautiful dark black leaves of shiny texture, great for cut foliage, easy to grow and fast grower too, fulll sun to shade
Cordyline terminalis 'Mini Rainbow'
New!, compact with green leaves and pink and red and white at the top only, easy and hardy, full sun to bright light
All Cordyline are only shipped as
6 inch logs/canes.
WE do NOT ship any rooted canes
or plants in pots.